We are one of the best Agri-businesses in Somalia

About Our Company

30+ years of experience producing the highest quality food.

Wadani Farms is a corporation established to cover the overgrowing needs for locally produced crops and products from animal farming, which are currently covered by external suppliers.
The company’s main mission is to produce more than enough for the consumption demand of the local society and to have full capability to export our products to other countries.

Wadani Farms envisions giving full priorities creating employment for youth.

The operational focus of the company:
The company’s main operational focus is:
¡) Farming:
Wadani Farms is now managing more than 1,000 hectares of arable land which is mainly used for planting Maize and other types of crops.
The company also commercialises in animal farming specially poultry(for both layers and broilers) and Diary Cows.

¡¡) Animal Nutritional feeds production:
The crops produces by Wadani Farms are turned into Nutritional animal feeds with addition of high quality food supplements, consumed by the company’s poultry(Layer and broilers) and Diary Cows. Wadani Farms aims to be the leading supplier of nutritional feeds in animal farming industry.

With the fact that there are huge arable land up for grabs, pro farming investors willing to partake financially and professional skilled labours seeking such opportunities to showcase their talents, history have clearly indicated that it’s very difficult to create a healthy and working platform for all three these phases.

Thus Wadani Farms opted to be the first entity to play the role of an equilibrium that balances those three faces and created a model called Land+Capital+Skills (L+S+S) with the promise of full trust and accountability.